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when one or more males are contemplating whether or not to masturbate
I'm staying at my mom's this weekend but I know I am going to be masterdebating all night.
#masterbate #masterdebate #jerking #pocket pool #horny
by mcspaceman June 26, 2010
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When one has to calm down an erection or is in a social situation where one is not appropriate. It also means to use imagery that is unappealing or unattractive in order to calm one's raging boner down to a level of social acceptance.
"Dude I was at this wedding and I popped a boner and had to think of my grandma in a bukkake video to calm it down. Nice masterdebating skills."

"I masterdebated yesterday during a job interview. What did you think of? I thought of Danny Donaduce in a speedo eating a chocolate covered banana."
#masterbating #masterbate #masterbation #masterdebating #masterdebate #masterdebation #boner #erection
by 101Dubzilla101 May 12, 2010
Political rants you have to yourself and arguing with a non existent oposition where you always end up winning in your mind.
I was masterdebating about social injustice in the shower.
by literallymelody November 28, 2015
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