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The process of masturbating well one is crying. Quite possibly the most pathetic act ever.
Tim mastercried himself to sleep after another night of parental abuse.
by Bagel June 01, 2004
What emo kids do when horny. Masturbating, while crying
Nathaniel:Hey Chase,im gonna go cut myself.

Chase: Okay I'll lend you my razorblade after i mastercry to my poetry.
by phyrphly March 19, 2009
The global sport known as mastercrying, is the art of crying and masturbating simultaneously. Usually depicting a sad and very lonely individual.
As I sat in my room that night, it hit me. Despite both his parents dying as a child, being scarred for life and being a speccy four eyes, my one true best friend both decided to and managed to bang my sister.

It is on this sad night that sit in the shadows of the griffindor common room by the fireside and mastercry at what my life has become.
by Haxorg April 08, 2014
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