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The 3rd greatest invention ever. Spend all your money without carrying it round! Can be used to buy nearly everything, except da 1st gr8est invention (weed). Even if u get mugged, u can stop da fuckerz frm spendin yo $$$$'s.
Daughter: Daddy, I need $500!

Pisst of Father: Just take the card and spend as much as u want!

Daughter: yay!
by ultimate_pisshead August 23, 2005
37 39
sliding your hand between the crack of another person's butt when they are bending over, imitating the swiping of a credit card.
At soccer practice, Matt gave Dave a MasterCard and we all got punished
by William Henry Wallace February 07, 2009
17 6
"Priceless", as in the commercials for Mastercard.
Girl 1: Did you see that girl's face?
Girl 2: That was sooo mastercard!!
by Regantelope August 04, 2008
11 3
this is the proccess of someone sliding there butt crack
in beetween another persons nose usually while they are asleep or passed out
john has passed i should master card him
by jeff gunning November 15, 2006
8 3
If something is Mastercard it is priceless. Can be an incident or moment. Can be replaced as a "kodak moment".
When someone falls flat on their butt in mud, instead of saying it is priceless, you say its MASTERCARD!
by Brittissoawjor8273 June 22, 2007
5 22