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When a person in unable to masturbate for a long time (long depending on their usual masturbation habits). This may be because they have very little alone time or if they break their hand, hurt penis, feel guilty ect.

A common cause of mastarvation is camping or staying in a hotel with other people.

The ejaculation after mastarvation is euphoric.
Bro! after camping for 2 weeks I was suffering serious mastarvation. When I got home I jumped straight onto porn and had a euphoric wank.
by Regular_Terrestrial August 31, 2011
Not being able to masturbate usually to ejaculation, such as being forced into a public situation for an extended amount of time, or not being allowed to by another person.
I'm saving my baby gravy up for a week for an epic load and have the worst case of mastarvation.
by dole23b July 23, 2011