Synonym of awesome.
As in "Did you catch Colbert last night? He was massive!!"
by ColbertNation101 October 02, 2009
A new word in the teen lexicon for awesome. Popularized by Stephen Colbert on his Colbert Report.
Did you see the Colbert Report last night? It was massive!
by QuestionMarc October 02, 2009
In slang, can be used in replacement of either "a lot" or "very"
"It is fucking massive hot out here."
"Yeah,being stuck out in the heat sucks massive."
by D351 February 01, 2007
Buzz word used in Dublin, Ireland for a short while...seems to have gone out of fashion lately. Mostly used by knackers, skanks and other persons of low intelligence and/or social status
- "Aw, did you see your man meetin' Jacinta at Redz last nigh'"

- "Aw he was maaaasive"

- "He was maaaasive"
by BigNToasty July 01, 2005
cool, awesome; as defined by Stephen Colbert from The Colbert Report
Skater: "Dude I just did a 360 heelflip... blindfolded!!"

Skater #2: "Woah man, that's massive!"
by nickqz October 10, 2009
Awesome/Very cool coined by comedian Stephen Colbert on October 1st 2009, on his show "the Colbert Report"

An adjective to describe the person who defines the word MASSIVE
"Hey!did you guys see the Colbert Report last night?It was Massive!"

"Hey the kid who wrote this definition is Bryan Lowe from NJ and would love tickets to the show, that would be MASSIVE!"
by Bryman 07758 October 02, 2009
Did you see Colbert last night? He was MASSIVE.
by iamnotstephencolbert October 03, 2009

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