Refers to the action taken by a masseuse that leads to a happy ending. Only applicable if the situation involves a masseuse and a client. While the action maybe be considering jerking off or masterbating or oral sex it is only valid in this specific context.
To be massausaged.

synonyms: handjob, masterbation, jerking off, wacking it, spanking the monkey
The gentleman thought that the massausage went well but the happy ending came too quick.

The masseuse was the best massausager, or was highly skilled at massausaging

It was extra for a lubricated massausage
by loosecanon November 15, 2011
Top Definition
A massage on your sausage.
For an extra 15 bucks she gave me a massausage.
by lucy is awesome July 10, 2011
Having or dealing with getting a massage by a guy with both of their cocks out.
"Steven gave Dom a good massausage, and Dom reciprocated. And Nick digressed."
by d(^_^)z December 18, 2009
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