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Mass-Conscientiousness is an ideal and phrase created and authored October 15, 2011 by Tirzah Michele Fujii. It is defined by Tirzah Michele Fujii, as the idea that mankind is evolving towards a state of truth, virtue, and conscientiousness on a mass scale of consciousness. This ideology and phrase based on love and compassion, is that mass consciousness is in the process of evolving to or, becoming "Mass-Conscientiousness". Also, the slogan and phrase promotes caring for other people, plants, animals, and the earth as we care for ourselves. This idea provides that each individual reacts collectively in one's intentions and actions. One will protect the interest of the whole society, and sacrifice itself, as long as it does not endanger or harm one's individual self in the process. "Mass-Conscientiousness" is in contrast to the animal survivalist drive and impulse to sacrifice others for our own personal gain: economically,spiritually,physically,and commercially, by exploiting or sacrificing another individual's well-being at some level. The ideology, that n order for a governmental and societal system to have integrity and for it to be able to last, it must be built upon the principles of a virtuous conscience, rather than deceit and exploitation.

1) Choosing not to charge very high interest on a loan, even if you can due to not wanting to cripple someone financially for your own gain.

2) Choosing not to talk about someone behind their back when they are defenseless

3) Eating vegetables and a vegetable protein-based instead of limiting or abstaining from the consumption of animals who were murdered for your meal

4) Not exploiting someone's ignorance for financial gain. As in, lying to a girl who knows nothing about her car in order to overcharge her for services he/she does not need

5) Choosing a different form of energy that does not ruin the lives of millions of people and the planet earth. Placing the life force and well-being of others over for financial and personal gain.

6) Enjoying the success of others, rather than hating them for it.

7) Going out of your way to help someone if you are able, even if it is an inconvenience to yourself.

8) Not stealing the identity, ideas, projects, or intellectual property of another(especially under the guise of trust) and making it your own when it did not originate from yourself, for some kind of personal gain at the expense of the original creator.
by Tirzah Sunshine October 17, 2011