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A place where you can call home, where you can post whatever you want, where freedom of speech exists.

It is ran by the almighty Cyan who the lord of MI with his two partners in crime: Sir. Jesus and SoldjahBoy who help him run and moderate the forums.
Idiot from Conquer Online Forums: Where do I need to go?

The awesome win that is MI: Mass Immolation, fool.
by Immolate November 28, 2007
An online community that is slowly dying due to neo's faggotry.
Love of Cyan
Mass Immolation
by DarkMI July 02, 2010
MASS Immolation is self immolation united.

MASS Immolation, AKA: MI, was created deepest and darkest part of the interwebs - other wise known as Australia. Though it's true purpose is unknown, MI has something to do with fire, sex, death, heavy metal, mass, sex, religion, picture taking, immolation, and sex.
MASS Immolation, where the cool kids are at.
MASS Immolation, would never lie about cake.
MASS Immolation, Nihongo Mother Fucker, Dekimasu ka?
Mass Immolation, we deliver...
by Raharu Haruha December 06, 2007

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