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1. Mashiadi is a name/word derived from Mashiach--the traditional Jewish concept of the messiah and from Mahdi--the expected messiah of the Muslim tradition.

In popular Muslim belief, Mahdi is a spiritual and temporal leader who will rule before the end of world and restore religion and justice.

In patriarchal Judaism, the Messiah is a king who will be sent by God to save the Jews.

In Christianity and in general, a messiah is "a person expected to save people from a very bad situation; a messiah also is a professed leader of some hope or cause."

2. Mashiadi is the combining of two previous warring enemies ... for the beginning of peace: World Peace One

3. Mashiadi is anyone of any belief, including previously ongoing conflicting Jews and Muslims--those who have been the worst enemies for far too long--to now come together for the greater good for the good of all--everyone.

4. Mashiadi is any individual who chooses to be part of a critical mass to bring about the messianic age in the best sense of hope and peaceful being.
S/he did not have to flaunt or boast about being Mashiadi. "S/he was regarded as a messiah(Mashiadi) by liberal and conservatives alike."

Maya Angelou said, "When you know better, you do better."

Mashiadi rescuer savior saviour deliverer -- a person who rescues from harm or danger; someone who chooses help over harm. "Do no harm."

Mashiadi know(s) nine times out of ten, "Anything war can do ... peace can do better."
by sunprism1366mepr November 30, 2013