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Where do we start?

To be mashed up or mashin it having smoked or eaten or drank stoney weed that makes you stoned.


When you're fuggin stoned and your eyes are red and pretty closed and you talk crazy crap like a loon and you're so hungry you feel like you got a thelly and yo mate looks bohugly and you need to eat, anything, even chowder from a bucket fanny


Weed gets stoned so smoke it yeah yeah.

Mashup Twins love you soooooooo much
Dang boy, yesterdillio I was so Mashup, I pissed on myself and fell asleep and didnt realise until the morning.

I just saw the bofunking Mashup Twins

That was Mashup

I'm Mashup, I need food.

Aaauauauuah, I'm so Mashup

by EON (-||-) December 25, 2004