Mashup has a few of definitions.

(1) To be stoned or drunk
(2) To look raggedy or beaten-up in appearance
(3) A mix of different music tracks to produce a new track
(1) Man I was so mashup yesterday after all them beers. I was well caned.

(2) Jeez, he looked so mashup after they caned his ass.

(3) The track 'A Stroke of Genie-us', is a mashup of Christina Aguilera's "Genie in a bottle" with The Strokes, as is 'Get Your Bootleg On', which is a mashup of a Missy Elliot track (Get ur Freak on) with Eminem's "Without Me".

For definition (1) mashup is a synonym of one meaning of caned, along the lines of being very drunk or stoned, whereas for definition (2), caned means beaten.

Definition (3) is also a synonym for a type of music also known as bastard pop, cut-ups or blends.
by Mr Knightley September 03, 2005
Top Definition
v. To take elements of two or more pre-existing pieces of music and combine them to make a new song.
n. A song comprised of elements of two or more pre-existing pieces of music.
2. I'm in the middle of mashing-up songs by Tom Jones and Michael Jackson. (verb usage)

1. I'll play my mash-up of Tom Jones and Michael Jackson at the club tomorrow night. (noun usage)
by some1 August 07, 2003
Musical genre. Involves cutting and pasting samples and loops from two or more popular tracks to form a new track, often forming a suprisingly catchy new tune. Not as complex as remixed music. There are a number of bedroom djs who create moderate quality mashups.

The more different the genres of the source tunes, the more effective the mashup.
You downloaded the Run DMC vs Tom Petty mashup? DJBC is an artist, man.
by kozz January 18, 2006
A remix made by taking two different songs, usually by 2 seperate artists, and combining them into one.
Closer in da club (Nine Inch Nails: Closer, combined with 50 cents Up in da club)

One Step Closer/99 Problems (Linkin Park: One Step Closer, combined with Jay-z's 99 Problems)
by undergone May 14, 2005
1. To take 2 completely different types of music and putting them together.

2. To completely destroy, wreck or mutilate.

3. A cacophony of the senses. Adj.
1. eg. Linkin' Park / Jay Z

2. eg. "His face was mash up after that fight".

3. eg. "That song was so mash up it gave me a nose bleed".
by FCB_87 May 10, 2006
1. The act of mashing up. Getting drunk / high.

2. A term used to describe people associated with such actions, due to them being unable or unwilling to perform usual tasks.
1. wanna have a mash up tonight?
no, im too mashed.

2. you seen mark? he hasnt been in classes all day.
man, that guy is a total mash up.
by Stephen DeVincenzi February 03, 2008
Opposite to 'Fix up' a saying bought to most people living out side London by Dizzee Rasscal. Mash up in London basically can be applied to anything that is broken/useless/shit
South West Trains should be called South West Mash Up Trains
by Hugh Janus September 16, 2004
A website encompassing other websites usually using the said websites' API.

Mashup's allow users to have a customised view of multiple websites at once, on one page in their browser.
A mashup website can be found at
by John Smith v2 June 07, 2006
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