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The dropped bottom jaw in a gaping "Oh" ( : O ) when applying mascara. It is often accompanied by a vacant no one home upward look in the eyes yet with a paradoxical focus at the same time.
My wife looks like a retard when she puts on her mascara and gives her mascara face to the mirror. Talk about gaping idiot! Man!

Why can't my girlfriend put on her eye make-up like a normal person?! She resembles someone brain-dead who's trying to communicate when she puts on her mascara face. She should close her mouth!

Oh my God! Did you see the way Mary was applying Mascara? I wonder if she could still put on mascara if she didn't bug her eyes out and drop her jaw to her boobs? That is so weird! I've seen that mindless mascara face look before! My mom used to do that until I told her about it and now she tries hard not to look like an idiot when she puts on make-up.
by Z train April 08, 2006
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