Super Amazing. Sweet and Skinny. Smart and Fun. Family Girl. Loves kitties.
Boy 1: "Why'd you break up with her? She was hott."
Boy 2: "She just wasn't a Marwa."
Boy 1: "Well, yeah, she really was loony."
by supahBeast January 23, 2009
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From the Arabic name of a fragrant plant. Al-Marwa is one of the name of a sacred hill near Mecca.
"I did Sa'ay betweeen Al-Saffa and Al-Marwa"
by marwa February 19, 2008
arabic girl name, meaning: hott, sexy, everything you need in a women, tall, beautiful smile, angel like face, just a package of greatness.
him: hey, whats your name babe?
her: my name is marwa
him: oh that explains your good looks,
by msym123 September 01, 2009
Amazing super sweet girl with huge eyes. A very lovable person with amazing hair.
Male-Who is that?!
Other male-Thats the amazing sexy Marwa ;)
Male-Wow, shes beautiful.
by Ohemaharrr. July 06, 2011
(n): being straight thuggish to the point where one hates puppies, particularly fluffy ones with one eye
That foo is a straight marwa; I heard he's gonna drive-by daily puppy once he gets his corolla out of impound.
by big d. nasty February 27, 2008

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