To eat someone out. To have oral sex with a woman.
Catotromic: man i had some stanky fingers this morning
Twenty: how come?
Catotromic: all i remember from last night was meeting up with this broad at buffalo bills with my buddy, then me just marving her out on her cousins livingroom floor
Twenty: what the heck is marving?
Catotromic: eating her out
by Worldcoast July 17, 2006
Top Definition
a combination of motherfucking starving, another word for aggressively hungry
I haven't eaten all day I'm marving
by rhubarbpiesandendlesslies January 08, 2012
the act of kicking ass and taking names.
did you see total recall? because arnold was seriously marving out like craaazzy in that one scene where he uses the guy as a human shield!
by friedbananahands April 14, 2010
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