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A beautiful,bomb,perfect girl that is nice and has been heart broken she has an attitude that is hot she is nice and has many friends but hangs out with a little bit of them her friends help her keep her head up she is so pretty
Let me have you martha
by agdjcons May 26, 2014
Martha(s) - Abbrviated and more endearing form of "Mother Fuckers"; A person or a group of people who you are pissed at, excited to see, or just a name to call people/friends.
Hey! I thought you Marthas would never get here.
by Hannah's Mom April 02, 2005
(n): A blonde white girl from Bethesda

(n): a girl who dances like she is running
Do the Martha! (at a dance club)
by RMEG February 20, 2011
To thoroughly clean something
OMG The folks are coming over. You go to the store while I martha the place.
by petersky November 24, 2007
The most stweetest and cutest girl you've ever seen but once you get to know her shes a fucking barbie. its funny how she thinks shes hot shit because shes "cute" but she really isn't. shes a fucking fake bitch.
"that girl is a fake, what a Martha."
by fabcsd June 07, 2013
Martha is that odd 70 year old with emotional problems who says bling-bling and has eyeliner tattooed on her face.
She is such a bling-bling loving drama queen...she is SUCH a Martha!
by gangstergirl17 December 25, 2010
when you shave you arms to early
that everyone can tell you shave your arms
because it looks all prickly
but its too short to shave again
"omg that miss has prickily hair on her arms"
"lol thats a baddd martha"
by laterstar April 24, 2008