A beautiful,bomb,perfect girl that is nice and has been heart broken she has an attitude that is hot she is nice and has many friends but hangs out with a little bit of them her friends help her keep her head up she is so pretty
Let me have you martha
by agdjcons May 26, 2014
Martha(s) - Abbrviated and more endearing form of "Mother Fuckers"; A person or a group of people who you are pissed at, excited to see, or just a name to call people/friends.
Hey! I thought you Marthas would never get here.
by Hannah's Mom April 02, 2005
A fucking fatass bitch who acts like she has friends, pretends she is cool and gets in a lot of arguments with everyone,claims she has a boyfriend who is a fatass pervert that she probably pays to be in a relationship with her.
Person 1:Hey look it's Martha over there.

Person 2: Oh yeah that fat cuntyass bitch
Person 3:She slept with her gay prostitute boyfriend last night and she gave him a blowjob
by Mistakes_of_Life April 12, 2016
Usually a stupid bitchy teenager who has an extremely bad attitude towards everyone she meets. She will steal friends away from you, interrupt conversations, and dresses like a whore. Did I mention she's acts like she's popular and is rude as well? Oh, and she's very clingy.
Person: Hey who s that?

Person 2: The purge is coming.

Martha: *walking down with high heels, short shorts, a very showy top, and her weave in a bun* OH MY GOD LIKE GURLEEN IS SO CUTE WITH HIS JEWISH HAIRCUT. *texting some rapist or hooker*

by Slitdick :) January 31, 2015
To thoroughly clean something
OMG The folks are coming over. You go to the store while I martha the place.
by petersky November 24, 2007
(n): A blonde white girl from Bethesda

(n): a girl who dances like she is running
Do the Martha! (at a dance club)
by RMEG February 20, 2011
The most stweetest and cutest girl you've ever seen but once you get to know her shes a fucking barbie. its funny how she thinks shes hot shit because shes "cute" but she really isn't. shes a fucking fake bitch.
"that girl is a fake, what a Martha."
by fabcsd June 07, 2013
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