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a princess who is kick ass and can be a total bitch
YO marrissa is a bitch
by dkjfgbidugdg January 26, 2008
Means of the sea in many languages including Latin. Happens to be one of the most beautiful and caring girls in the world. Is very blunt and will tell you like she see's it. She doesn't take shit from anyone but is almost always happy which means don't get on her bad side. She has a wonderful personality and such a caring heart. Once you get to know her you will love her.
I love Marrissa
by Mrs. Big Sean October 12, 2011
the most beautiful girl on the planet. She is so amazing. Ian loves her so much, more than anything
I love Marrissa
by ianiscool August 31, 2008
the most amazing girl. most beautiful girl in the world. ian loves her always and forever.
i love marrissa so much
by bowmaniscool August 31, 2008

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