a union between a man and woman for the purposes of being lifelong partners, friends, and lovers. It is a beautiful thing when used with discretion. A marriage is so much more than just a wedding. Of course anyone would want to have a grand reception and go on a honeymoon, but a marriage is an eternal willing choice.
Their marriage has remained the most loving, romantic union that I have ever seen.
by nicolion December 14, 2008
the first and foremost reason for justifiable homicide
Marriage is the only contract that can't be re-negotiated; luckily, it provides a potentially satisfying escape clause (otherwise known as a termination).
by The Justice League February 22, 2007
The removal of a guy from his male peers that follows with the "taming" event that turns him into a "man". This taming event does not turn the guy into a man, it turns him into a slave. This tamed guy will now spend more time with his wife than his friends (understandable and acceptable). The problem is when he brings her to everything and every thing he plans is a couples type of thing. As a slave he will no longer act in the manner he used to and will often try to make his friends as miserable as him. He will waste away his time and resources doing everything his wife demands of him and it will never be enough. He will never be adequately rewarded. The weight of the shackles of slavery increase with every kid they have.
My best friend got married. He changed into a bitch personality that matched his wife. He stopped hanging out with the guys and wanted me to go to Home Depot and Target with him and the wife. When the guys do something that interests him he has to bring the wife. The bastard would have brought his damn wife to his bachelor party if he could have. He started acting like he was part of a cliche and alienated some of his best friends.

As the "best man" during the marriage ritual I said the longest lie in my entire life and coated with so many nice things that every one thought it was amazing. If I had been a real best man, I would have been able to stop my friend from getting married.

I miss the guy my buddy used to be and I miss the good times with him and the rest of the guys. Every drink I take from the wedding gift mug you gave me goes out to you buddy. =(
by The Worst Best Friend June 14, 2009
A (legal) pact between two people (usually attracted to each other) to stay together forever in a working, two-way relationship.
A marriage falls apart if it is only one party that is willing to communicate and cooperate.
by Z1Y2X3 May 31, 2009
1) Something that can be both heaven and hell.

2) The end of hourly or daily sex.

3) Most extreme form of torture to a guy who constantly gets laid.

4) The end of life and fun.
1) Husband, "Honey, can we have sex". Wife, "Should have thought of that before we got married, No".

2) I gave up my days of having a new woman every day for the never ending hell of having the same one forever.

3) Kids, just say no to marriage.
by Mr. MD January 22, 2007
The point at which the friendship with your sweetheart ends and becomes a business relationship.

The point at which you stop having fun and take on responsibility for yourself and your new wife.

The end of your life as you once knew it.
Marriage is a lot like playing cards.

You start out giving a heart and a diamond, and end up wishing for a club and a spade.
by Markwonder January 10, 2011
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