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marman (verb): to accidentally land your sporting good implement into an undesirable place, so as to make it stuck. Sometimes, but not always, resulting in the maiming or destruction of the implement, which should not be construed as a manufacturing defect

1) Land Kiteboarding: Darn, did you see that guy marman his kite into the tree? Now it's completely stuck in the branches. He should have pulled left to turn left.

2) Golf: Darn, I don't think I can make this shot. I'll probably marman my ball into the sandpit.

3) Biking: The car got too close to me and forced me off the road. I had to swerve and marman my bike into the fence.
by staceyf April 21, 2007
A total mongoloid that thinks they run shit, but in reality they are straight up retarted and cant talk.
Joe: Wow your acting really stupid today.

Bill: No he's just acting like a Marmen.

Mike: Bahhh
by bin123 December 14, 2011
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