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The act of using another individuals tobacco products to satisfy your own habit; often disguised as borrowing tobacco products due to the borrower lacking easy access to their own pack of smokes, when in actuality the borrower has no intention of ever using their own money to purchase said products and would much rather smoke yours. Chronic Marlborrowers are particularly irritating to smokers who have accepted the fact that being a smoker costs money, and the Marlborrower is the epitome of a socialist who believes that it's no real inconvenience to the buyer of the smokes to "spread the wealth" and keep others around him well stocked with tobacco products.

Joe: Dude, did you quit smoking?
Jim: No, man, I just quit buying smokes.
Joe: Well, don't friggin count on Marlborrowing mine, these suckers are 5 bucks a pack!
by spazzaroni February 12, 2009
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