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Premium Cigarette of choice for the social smoker that doesn't fully inhale and doesn't crave a regular nicotine fix.

Advantages: Very very smooth with lower tar/nicotine.
Disadvantages: Expensive. Nicotine Addicts think you're a wuss.
ChainSmoker1: Come join me for a smoke and then we'll talk about it!
SocialSmoker1: Umm...okay. Where are my marlboro ultra lights?
by CornelliusUltraLights April 29, 2008
A stylish cigarette favored by teenage girls and social smokers because its not as addictive. It comes in a silver box and has less nicotine and cancerous shit than marlboro reds. Tastes really smooth too, but "real" smokers will call you a fake.
-So what do you smoke?
- omg! I'm a seventeen year old social smoker. Like of course i smoke marlboro ultra lights/
by bennett820 June 17, 2009
Waste of money. Absolutely no point in buying these cigarettes. The nicotine is too low so you have to drag deeper to get some hit. Don't by them, they're even to weak for beginners. Smoke marlboro lights if you want less nicotine but still want a hit.
by RoboticParrot April 04, 2010
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