One of the worst tasting cigarettes you'll ever have, they are not smooth and theyre terrible. try 27's or cloves.
hey man you got a cig?
yeah i got some marlboro reds.
Oh god keep that shit away from me those taste terrible
by john smith with January 01, 2009
One of the better human killer of the recents centuries.
One of the richer industry on earth.
International court is trying to judge marlboro Reds, Adolph Hitler ... for humanity crime
by rubenxela October 10, 2007
Made up of the tobacco scraped up off the floor at the Marlboro factory
Cheap labor is too expensive to waste, so we wrapped up what we saved and named them proudly Marlboro Reds
by Baphomet666 June 21, 2006
Lung blackening, like smoking a chimney ciggarettes. Generally smoked by Fat old men seeper twit.
A. Set me a Brown.
B. Ok here you go (Hand a cigarette)
A. Ahhhh, Na man not Marlboro Reds They make your heart blead for 30 mins.
B. (Takes Ciagrette Back)
by random unit May 28, 2004

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