To be a Serbian dude and have an obsession with anime and manga.
Dude that guy is SUCH a marko.
by sharpie1233 December 14, 2011
the act of being in love with Burger king. when you cant stop thinking about it.
Tom- man, im really markoing right know.
Dudek- yeah, me to. McDonald's sucks.
by kkklolkkk November 14, 2007
A very nice boy who is always helpful and honest.
A great friend, especially when you are "down".
Can be quite pessimistic, but will always see the silver lining.
A proud agnostic.
Somone you can rely on in your time of need.
An attractive serb.
Pamela: Marko! I need help!
Marko: Of course i'll help you, its in my nature!
Pamela: Thanks marko, you are the best.
by pamellamma October 07, 2009
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