Usually the name of a stinky rapist. stereotypical...i know.
Markos stop touching up those women!! and get a wash while your at it...
by Porky's kid November 04, 2010
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A typo written in marker, where you begin to write a letter with a permanent marker and realize you are making a mistake - but too late! You will have to do it over again.
Oops, I need to fix this marko I just did. This sucks! Now I have to do the whole thing over again.
by sammymerz June 10, 2009
A bitch ass nigga, who is a brutal man whore.
Marko is, usually seen fucking trannys.
by dyeman1 May 07, 2012
A fucking retard with a long black dick and a white skin. normally called a markie. A marko is also a mother fucker of his own kind
your'e a marko
by Travo1 August 20, 2014
a ethopian creature lurks out at night past curfew and enjoys long stays in youth dentention centres, likes to hang out with rookie drug dealers doing childish things on the streets of burnaby
hey markos go fetch me a pack of smokes
by PAUL CAINE January 14, 2009
The most handsome man on the planet, who gets all the girls and fucks all the bitches.
movie star looks! marko antonio salis
by marko antonio curiel February 04, 2010
To be a Serbian dude and have an obsession with anime and manga.
Dude that guy is SUCH a marko.
by sharpie1233 December 14, 2011

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