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a term used to discribe why a girl has a certain glow about her, that just makes everyone in the room want to ask her how she got it.

typically a term used toward a girl....
lets say, youre out somewhere, and you look across a crowded room and you see someone and youre like, omgha, there is somthing about that gurl. i mean she is glowing..... and youre thinking....i see this, but why? how? who made her so happy?

and all her girlfriends look at you when you ask that question and they all say at the same time ...."mark poootoczny, boy. mark potoczny"

or when youre stephen lilly and everytime you look at amina or in her direction....esp when she is like the goofiest person in the world doing the dumbest things and you notice someone looking and laughing...(almost always kelly mackay) and her saying "aminieee is something else" and stephen would just say...."potoczzzzzzzny"
by Amina L khan February 27, 2005
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