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Probably a real person, but maybe not. Seems to get confused with Marion Barry (yes, that's with an "A"), former mayor of Washington D.C. who was caught smoking crack in a hotel room. He was later re-elected to a second term.
Marion Berry wasn't as bad as Marion Barry.
by Farnsworth Gordon September 17, 2004

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The former Mayor of Washington, DC, who was arrested for smoking crack. After he did jail time, he was re-eleceted!

A total disgrace of a mayor.
"How can you tell your kids to not get high when the mayor's on crack? 'Don't get high! You won't be nothin'!' 'I could be mayor!'" -- Chris Rock
by Bozz Hawg April 16, 2004
A berry that can be created into a delicious jam and/or jelly, but no one actually knows what this berry is/looks like. What the hell is a marionberry?!
Raspberry jelly is delicious, as is marionberry.
by Cika December 10, 2012