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To be soused in alcohol, or have a lot to drink.
After a hard day's work, I like to crack open a bottle of Jack Daniel's and marinade myself.
by Big Kev April 04, 2003
5 6
to let sink in; to think about it.
(after bitching someone out about how inconsiderate they are) "How bout you go let that marinade for a while?"
by nappafrochik April 05, 2003
17 5
To stick your pole in but not pumping it
i wanna marinade her so bad
by qasemoto August 09, 2011
9 1
to lay/lie around, to sit on your butt and do nothing.
Angela: "Hey babe, whatcha doing tonight?"
Chris: "Nuttin, just marinading the couch."
by Shirley Maine May 13, 2005
13 7
Relax, or chill, with your homies.
My homies and I went back to my crib, to marinade some.
by Rick Yates April 02, 2003
12 7
Noun, type of drink.
Vodka is my favorite marinade.
by Johnny B. April 04, 2003
6 8
to be used with the term "BEEF". when you have a problem with someone or something but you wait for the right time to "cook" the be "BEEF" so you marinade.
man i had some beef with this foo but i hade to let that shit marinade!!
by EDyZZLe July 28, 2004
1 6