To be soused in alcohol, or have a lot to drink.
After a hard day's work, I like to crack open a bottle of Jack Daniel's and marinade myself.
by Big Kev April 04, 2003
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to let sink in; to think about it.
(after bitching someone out about how inconsiderate they are) "How bout you go let that marinade for a while?"
by nappafrochik April 05, 2003
To stick your pole in but not pumping it
i wanna marinade her so bad
by qasemoto August 09, 2011
to lay/lie around, to sit on your butt and do nothing.
Angela: "Hey babe, whatcha doing tonight?"
Chris: "Nuttin, just marinading the couch."
by Shirley Maine May 13, 2005
Relax, or chill, with your homies.
My homies and I went back to my crib, to marinade some.
by Rick Yates April 02, 2003
Noun, type of drink.
Vodka is my favorite marinade.
by Johnny B. April 04, 2003
to be used with the term "BEEF". when you have a problem with someone or something but you wait for the right time to "cook" the be "BEEF" so you marinade.
man i had some beef with this foo but i hade to let that shit marinade!!
by EDyZZLe July 28, 2004

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