a wanna be goth who was cool til betrayed Trent Reznor and Billy Corgan, and turned into a MTV whore
mansons a sellout! after mechanical animals he turned into a bitch
by mikey March 24, 2005
Marilyn Manson is a perfect example of what Goth isn't, any person who claims to be goth, isn't and if they say they listin to Manson they should be stabed, now if you really want a good "Goth band" then you should listin to The Cure, Jack Off Jill, Cradle of filth but not Manson.
Any person who is heard by millions of pimply 13 year old poser is not goth
by mansonhater August 02, 2005
A person who is a nice fellow, and very intelligent. However, due to some horridly cruel and unjust God, a Marilyn Manson cannot perform or write music worth a flying flip.
Man 1: "That Marilyn Manson sure is a nice and intelligent guy, but his music is a joke."

Man 2: "That's music? No wonder it felt so strange when I wiped my ass with it this morning!"

Both: "LOLOLOLOL!!11!1!"
by Emitremmus April 18, 2005
A scrawny goth singer that dresses up freaky and then bitches about being ugly. His music is absolutely mindless and it seems that all he likes to do is complain about shit all day and cry about how "beautiful people are cruel" when there are a lot of good hearted attractive people and some ugly as hell cruel people. Marilyn Manson likes to promote inner weakness and teach the "dress goth and become an actual freak, unlike what you were before" attitude instead of teaching his fans to have the "fuck you, I'm still a good person" attitude. Like him, many (but not all, thankfully) of his followers like to whine about being "ugly and misunderstood" when EVERYONE is treated like shit at one time or another, even the most "popular," especially since high school only lasts four years then the "popular" era is over. Without make-up, Brian isn't all that bad looking to be quite honest...he's actually kind of cute.
Marilyn Manson is as scrawny as they come.
by raspberry (lust) muffin July 02, 2005
The freak of all freaks. He has no talent at all; so he steals people's songs.
see: freak, goth and faggot.
by SABRINA March 02, 2005
shitty pretend musician who relies on shock value
marilyn manson's music isn't music
his videos are just him naked showing his manboobs...a trick he learned from madonna

he's just a weird naked cockeyed freak
by O_o January 29, 2005
An angry guy who tries to get attention by doing crazy things.
His music is alright but his message is stupid and pointless.
He hates Christianity just because he is a social reject.
Marilyn Manson is an idiot. If he tells kids to commit suicide because it will "make them happy", why doesn't he do it?
by Manson sucks... February 25, 2005

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