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Margot Spiffy is a line of clothing designed by Willa Hernandez and Zack Luke in 2007.

The clothes are known to be a hit among the Atlanta, Georgia hipster crowd and for featuring purple, green, and silver. The designs usually feature a chandalier, crown, or bow motif somewhere on each garment, even if it's just the label.

Margot Spiffy is a good brand because it is just awesome, well, shall I say it, it's just Spiffy.

Margot Spiffy's signature bag is called the ANOREXIA BAG for no reason. It can hold all of your stuff and looks just neato. Originally all the colors were going to have an eating disorder theme, like puke pink, or bulimia blue, but so far it just comes in a sort of gun-metal silver lambskin.
Willa cut class today to go work on Margot Spiffy shit.

Margot Spiffy is like the Atlanta Juicy!

"Oh, that's such a great bag, who's it by?!"
"Margot Spiffy!!!!"
by Margot Spiffy! March 06, 2007
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