An all around bad-ass and does not take crap from no one, funny as hell, he tries to be the best at everything he does, a ripped body with a handsome face that all the girls ache for. Very complex and flamboyant persona, confidence is over 9000 ..he can be an ass but in a split second make you laugh..if you want to be someone be marcellus he is alpha
"WoW this guy is awesome hes gotta be a marcellus"
by thekiddd1 April 14, 2013
Top Definition
Tall, dark, and handsome. Great conversationalist. A man who could hold his end of a debate and not be obnoxious about it. Bangin' body. So determined. German chocolate cake lover. Best space saving laundry folder. Awesome listener...even when you talk about clinical all the time. :P Someone who will raise his children according to the dog whisperer. And well, so damn cute.

Dang. He's so hot...his name must be marcellus.
by eivie October 24, 2008
is a one eye freak with a busted up hand thats only use is to masterbate cuz it cups perfectly around his own cock! also may be an all around asshole who likes nothing else but degrating and abusing woman yet cant stand up to a man his own size!!!!!!
by hatersallday March 25, 2011

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