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1. A hot blonde Polish person with an amazing sense of fashion.

2. When you have tea running through your veins instead of blood.

3. When a person dates boys who look like hamsters

4. The most popular gaelic singer in the Western Isles

5. An expert in knitting weird gloves
1. "Wow she is such a marcelina."

2. doctor: "I'm sorry to have to tell you that you have marcelina."
person: "Hell yeah!"

3. girl one: "Why is she with him he looks so weird?"
girl two: "What a marcelina."

4. "mise cion Marcelina ban ceutach"
translation: i love Marcelina she is so amazing."

5. as seen in vouge
by samuel smithington January 02, 2008
Marcelina is a blonde Polish person that everyone has a crush. She acts all nice and innocent around boys or her crush but when she is with her friends, she acts like a complete b*tch!
Jamie: Oh my god, I have a crush on Marcelina!
Britney: Why? She acts like such a b*tch to me!
by PaintedWaters June 25, 2016
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