When dropping a deuce, taking a dump, dropping the kids off at the pool, etc...the fecal deposit after flushing leaves an artistic swirl of streaks and smudges behind in the bowl resembling sections of marble.
"That was a heck of a dinner, Marge! I'm sure I'll be marbling the crapper tomorrow!"
by BolognaSkins March 11, 2010
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During fellatio, the act of placing gonads in your mouth, either for sucking, licking, or gentle tugging.
That girl is great at marbling. When going down, she doesn't ignore the nuts.
by Cristina H. July 10, 2006
Inserting gonads into lovers anus, with your thum and forefinger, like flicking a marble. Definition one is teabagging!
Marbling is your gran's favourite sex act
by Hullablue January 15, 2009
act of feminine masturbation. from slang french "rouler la bille" (to play with marbles)
-"i heard that Lynda what having fun last night"
-"yeah. i found her marbling in the shower"
by lathug March 11, 2006

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