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Marbies-- the bad-ass way to refer to Marlboros. Because Marlboro is such a gay name for something as awesome as Marbies.
Barbie smokes Marbies.
by Mad Dawg July 07, 2008
Another name for a Marlboro cigarette.
"Hey man keep an eye on this shit, Im gonna go burn a marby."
by Boxolicious November 04, 2006
A marby can be found in many forms; cruising, dozing, munching and puffing. In some cases these are happening simultaneously. Marby's are also very knowledgeable about random topics, dressed fashionably, and are always aware of the time of day. A marby's drink of choice usually involves Soco.
Man did you just see that marby? He was talking to 5 babes, took 9 shots and the went to doze in the corner.
by Shikey Tues December 21, 2009

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