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The southern most Indo-Aryan language spoken in India. It is the official language of the western state of India,Maharashtra with approximately 100 million speakers. Marathi is closely associated with Hindiand also has the same script 'Devanagari'. Marathi is the 4th most spoken language in India and the 15th most spoken language in the world. Marathi is estimated to be over 1300 years old, evolving from Sanskrit through Prakrit and Apabhramsha.
by TJK07 February 07, 2009
Referred to as being from the state of Maharashtra or speaking the language marathi. The coolest people in India. Home to Mumbai <3 If you are a maratha manoos (person) you're home to the greatest fighters for chatrapati shivaji! jai shivaji!! Ganesh chaturthi is the most celebrated there in maharashtra. Very friendly, but we tend to follow the "birds of a feather flock together" - we make friends with people who will help us. Very hard working, good looking, we look out for each other. often call each other tai - sister, bai,. Obama danced Koli when in INdia -- home to marathi dance. even if you are goanese, village, or live up north nashik or pune YOU ARE AWESOME.

more importantly, we're the most in India who value and give importance to our women, our wives, sisters, daughters. we treat our wives very importantly and often they make the decisions of the house - and the husband isn't tyrannical over them unlike other parts of India.

we love the arts, literature, great scientists, doctors, engineers, lawyers (but that's expected out of India :P)
pratibha patil. sachin tendulkar. marathi

are tumi nashik madon hai ka?
are va, me thar pune la ratho
by marathimanoospride December 04, 2010
An Indian Language that is focused in the area of Maharashtra. Major City it is spoken in is Bombay(Mumbai). Closely related to Hindi(national language of India).
Marathi is one of the major Indian Languages.
by desidude July 11, 2005
some of the coolest, not to mention hottest indians in India, who just happen to get along great with the next coolest indians, Punjabi!
thula marathi yetha? karanki thula marathi samaztha tha thu sundhar ashil!
(do you know marathi? cuz if u understand marathi than u must b beautiful!)
by Marathi miss April 26, 2004
some of the coolest, not to mention hottest indians in India, who just happen to get along great with the next coolest indians, Punjabi!

more like the coolest Indians are Malayalis!!!! South Side Kerela w00t w00t!
The coolest people in the world were once known as the astounding elite group of Indians named 'Malayalis'

ahhahaha lol jk
by mmcman August 24, 2005
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