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Arabic meaning wish or desire.
Bro, how'd u do on ur test?
I Maram I get an A.

He's so hot! He's my maram.
by maram hehe June 16, 2008

1. an arabic name which means "aspiration".
2. an african queen with a big bootay who lives in l-burg.
1. that girl maram in class is so...exotic.
2. oh. maram who just moved back from bah-rain? the SMEXXI LOVEABLE DELICIOUS GIRL WITH GREAT RED HIGHLIGHTS AND A NICE BOD?!? tap that.
by moshie November 26, 2009
Maram is an Arabic word meaning your ultimate aim or purpose in life, it's your ambition!
I've reached my life's Maram.

My Maram has been accomplished.
by Remmy-D March 04, 2013
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