The ability to be constantly bugging someone, and no matter how hard you try to get away from the mapper, it still seems to be grabbing onto you.

Also, a mapper is sometimes a Party Pooper. It'll fight, and contradict you in almost every subject until the point where you just give up.
Friend: "Oh man, I am so sore from work."
Mapper: "Oh yeah, try 3 hours of Rugby practice!"

Friend: "Aww, I have to go to work for ten hours!"
Mapper: "Oh yeah, I worked at the bigstop for 13 hours straight! I didn't even get to take a nap!"
by Friend of Mapper April 11, 2005
Top Definition
One who creates maps, or game levels. A mapper uses software such as Hammer World Editor to create the world in which the game takes place, utilizing props, lighting effects, and a variety of textures.
Out of my development group, Jeff is the mapper, whilst I am the modeller.
by Pyth August 19, 2010
A drifter. One who is constantly in travels, however, often retuning to familiar places of comfort. A teenage slacker.
It's hard for her to find motivation. She just lays around the house all day like a mapper.
by Teen Counselor November 28, 2007
fucking mappy jeff pike. he is so god damn mappy. sudden movements and heavy breathing.
Jeff Pike is so god damn mappy. "fucking mappy bastard!"-Phil
by friends of mappy April 09, 2005
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