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See also NX whore. A person who possibly steals his mommy/daddy's credit card to buy ridiculous amounts of Nexon Cash, or a trust fund kid, or even a person who earns their own money but puts most of their paycheck into buying NX for the game, who sits around "looking pretty", wasting server space, and harassing/defaming other characters who pass them by just because they don't have NX or don't have "enough" NX... instead of doing anything productive on the game. Usually seen in a group, though they generally don't know more than one or two of their Maple Story friends in real life... most likely making up for lack of a social life. Usually spams super megaphones. At least changes looks once a month, and outfits are always cliche and overdone, but each of them will swear they had the outfit first. Tends to more often than not be higher level characters who cheated or hacked to get to that level because they were too lazy and impatient to do it themselves, or they just suck at gaming that badly. Tend to think they're cooler and/or better than everyone else but really everyone else just thinks they're terribly pathetic. Overuse of the word "noob" or any of its variants and "ew", also apparently don't know proper grammar.
Maplesnob to maplesnob buddies: "Meh stoopid mum wont gib meh teh 10$ moar i needz 2 finnish off meh outfit 4 dis month!!!1!11! but dats ok... ill juz steel her cridit card 2marow."
by XxX Your Face XxX August 29, 2008
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