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A concoction created by two Michael's in Raleigh, North Carolina using the following logic.

Chocolate syrup + milk = chocolate milk.
Strawberry syrup + milk = strawberry milk.
Maple syrup + milk = maple milk.

It was found to be too strong at times and one could only drink a little of it if too much maple syrup was used. However, if too little is used the results can be just as bad. Work on getting your own mixture down in small doses before making a big glass.
Person 1: I'm thirsty....
Person 2: Oh! Try some maple milk!
Person 1: ...what! That sounds gross!
Person 2: No! I'm serious! *makes a glass*
Person 1: *tries it*'re right! This is pretty good!
by Mikey T. November 29, 2006
A concoction consisting of Maple Syrup and Milk created by basically... every kid ever and not just two idiots from the south.
"Hey, I heard two Mikes invented this Maple Milk".
"If by 'two Mikes' you mean 'I've had a stroke and am saying stupid things', then yes".
by Sir Wigglesharts Chortlebottom April 25, 2013

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