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When you are playing a videogame and die because the map fucks you over into death, unwillingly
by goestoohard December 01, 2011
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Pertaining to online multiplayer shooting games: when the odds are against your team as a result of map advantage.
You are playing SOCOM II. Your team (clan) is being challenged by another team. You both agree to a best out of 5. Since the maps are usually in favor of either the SEALs or the Terrorists you would ideally want to pick the side for your team on every map. But in a best out of 5s you only get pick on 2 maps. Your opponents also get pick on 2 maps. Whoever won the most rounds in the 4 maps gets pick on the last map.

Now, if the randomizer gives your team relatively even maps and your opponents relatively one-sided maps, then you guys just got Map Fucked. If the final map happens to be one-sided as well then you really really got fucked. But if the final map is an even map (ie. Crossroads) then the Map-Fuckness is not so bad.

Our maps are Requiem and Fox Hunt. They got Enowapi and Chain Reaction. We just got MAP FUCKED.
by initiaL/uLTRa May 25, 2013
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