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to be chillin' (in Dominican slang)
Yo estoy mansa, nada que hacer
(I'm chillin...nothing to do)
by La RubiaChula September 07, 2008
An act of cowardice, or running away.
Doing a mansa, he did a mansa, he ran away, he lacked courage.
by Sam Rodgers May 09, 2006
a tallish bloke that thinks he is gods gift to woman! he likes to touch himself in more than 1 area. likes to have a good time and try to drink the swan under the table but carnt. this thing is a bit gay and loves to touch the testicals of another man without there permission. always scabbing food and drink whenever given the chance!
go and get your own food mansa u dog cunt
by swanny August 20, 2004