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A compliment that a guy would normally give to a girl, but instead gives to another guy.

*Manpliments are completely straight
"Hey Bill, nice ass!"
"Oh really? Tanks for the manpliment!"
by Nothing to do October 26, 2009
A compliment from a man to a women. When generally the man is a manly guy who does not compliment.
Guy: "You painted your nails yellow"
Girl: " Why can't you just say they look nice, you never give me a compliment."
Guy: "I just did, It's called a manpliment."
by xwz January 03, 2008
A compliment given by a man to another man, but with a connotation of appreciation rather than one of courtship. It often serves the purpose of boosting the receiver's self esteem or drawing attention to their better qualities so that others will appreciate them as well.
Man 1: You growin' out your scruff, bro? You got a bit of a 'stache there.
Man 2: Yeah, I'm trying out the Orlando Bloom look. How's it working?
Man 1: It's nice. It looks good on you.
Man 2: Thanks for that manpliment. It means a lot to me. I appreciate it.
Man 1: **winks
by das chaet August 21, 2011