Top Definition
1. The male equivalent of being a slampiece.

2. One who is called upon by a female(sorostitute) for the sole purpose of being sexed upon.
Sorostitute 1: "What are you doing tonight you betch?"

Sorostitute 2: "Calling up my manpiece for a some quality time in the bone zone"
by partyoverhear June 29, 2011
slang for the male genitalia
He took out his manpiece to show his lady-friend a good time; after a swift quick to his manpiece, Todd doubled over in pain.
by audioshack June 10, 2005
A man's genital. S penis, cock, dick johnson, member etc.
"yo bitch get down and lick muh man piece."
"Sit on my man pice woman."
by JusttomDietz May 05, 2005
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