A device women use to keep track of how many dates they have been on in a given time frame. Particularly helpful when dating online.
Scarlett inquired to Maggie, "Girl, how many dates have you been on since you signed onto Gimmesumsnatch.com?" Maggie replied, "I'm not sure, let me check my manometer and I'll see what my count is up to."
by GiddyUpGirlFL January 18, 2009
Top Definition
The manometer is a standard unit of length measured by lengths of a vagina that the penis will occupy
That porno last night was crazy! That guy was like 3 manometers in that girl

Man my erection last night was easily 2.5 manometers!
by Ecirp girther February 10, 2011
A device used to measure the manliness of an object.
Billy pointed the manometer in the direction of the chainsaw and the manometer starting reading very highly
by mrmangunn March 04, 2011
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