1. A really cute person
2. Indian name meaning chaotic mind
3. Guy who thinks he's buff
4. Guy who wants to be a man but is too scrawny/lacks testosterone
ex 1:

Person 1: "Hey get away from my girl or i'll take u down"

Person 2: "You're such a manmeet"
ex 2:

Person 1: "Hey look at that guy coming out of the gym"

Person 2: "OMG .. He'such a manmeet!"
by not-a-man meet May 04, 2009
A innocent,sweet,special,smart,nice,kind person.
Your a manmeet person.
by candygirl May 21, 2006
A highly intellectual individual with strong opinions. This person is not scared to voice their opinions and ostricizes persons who show the following traits

cheating and
unecessary talking.

Thus I would advise to refrain from messing with this person as she will launch revenge when you least expect it.

Although she may come across as shy, it is most likely due to an illfounded opinion about you.
"Did you hear Manmeet got full marks in her essay"

"Damn I wish I was as smart as her. But I won't ever be. I ahve a good idea why don't we steal her phone, I heard shes got plenty of dough."
by ubtrollinhatrsgonhate February 11, 2012

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