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A woman who controls every aspect of her man's/lover's life in an attempt to break his will to live,remold him to her liking, ruin his credit and/or terminte his relationship with his parents.
Romeo and Juliet
CL controls her man with an iron fist. Her boyfriend...JG drives a beater ford truck while CL drives a new beamer testing his credit 2 the max. They just bought a house at 9.8% (with mid-market financing available at 4.6%) over a 30 yr period. JG owes 0ver 60K in student loans,credit cards and has a $150K mortgage. CL has over 10K n the bank and more than $6400 in her 401K. JG is overdrawn $1384 with a $5 a day penalty because CL needed his help to go to Vegas with the girls for a weekend. A month later, CL is pregnant after 2 yrs of tryin. JG
has been disowned by his parents and has recently purchased a gun. JG has been been destroyed by a manmasher. Preceeding was ficticious,howeva, with the new millineum comes a new breed of woman just waiting to inflict pain and agony on you! Watch your back.
by feendog June 14, 2010
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