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The inabilility of those with XY (male) chromosomes to see anything that is clearly in sight. They require a XX (female) chromosome member of the population to guide their eyes to the item within plain view.
Him (while peering inside the refridgerator): Honey, I can't find the mustard.

Her: Stop manlooking. It's right there, behind the milk.

Him: Oh yes, now I see it, there it is.
#men #man #looking #vision #seeing
by antiquelover40 November 01, 2010
The act of looking for an item and failing to locate it when it is in plain sight, or when its location has been carefully described to the searcher. Behavior is usually exhibited by males, though females may occasionally Man Look. Man Looking may also be referred to as temporary male blindness.
Jim was unable to locate his keys on the kitchen table because he was man looking.
#blindness #failure #inaccuracy #carelessness #men
by Lisa Lab February 23, 2011
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