1. a male cheerleader. One who leads spectators in cheering at any event.

American Heritage Dictionary:
2. One who leads the cheering of spectators, as at a sports contest.

3. One who expresses or promotes thoughtless praise; an adulator.

See Cheerleader
{Origin: Summer 2006, American Chinese; man + leader}
Simpson: I'm a manleader
Everyone in the car: What the hell is a manleader?
Simpson: A cheerleader who's a man
Vik: They're still called cheerleaders, sometimes male cheerleaders for distinction.
Simpson: I prefer manleader

Hey Cathy, I heard that there was a hot manleader in the cheer squad for our football team today.

Although, manleading is a difficult job with the pressure from the audience and the continuous sexual harrassment from the cheerleaders, manleading is still an important precipiece in our historic movement for male rights.
1) A male cheerleader
2) Syn. for Homosexual
1) Tyler is pretty buff, I guess he has to be to be a man-leader.
2) Ashlee digs Drake, someone should tell her he's a man-leader.
by Sir Droosef November 05, 2007

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