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(n) a male version of a female tank top. This item can often be found in tourist attraction areas and usually has names of cities, islands, beer brands, gyms, beaches, and nascar racers. Mank tops are often worn by jacked, beer drinking bros.
Yo bro, I copped this sick mank top in Orlando. It says Orlando on it dude I got you one, too.

Bro, that dude in the mank top looks jacked and he's probably chill, too.
#bro #lax #jacked #chill #beer #orlando
by leen dawg July 29, 2010
a tanktop worn by men, usually gay men
person 1: why are you wearing a manktop, justin?
person 2: you may not have noticed, frank, that i am not straight. plus, it matches perfectly with my manpris and my manbra.
#man tanktop #manktop #gay #man #tanktop
by manbra!! November 17, 2007
A tank top worn by men to prove their "manliness". Also known as a wife beater.
I was walking down the street the other when I saw some scrawny wannabe ghetto kid wearing a manktop.
#wife beater #tank top #gangster #manliness #mankini
by Witless in the Bay November 29, 2007
(n) a male tank top that exposes the arms, shoulders, and some chest and back. It is distinct from a muscle shirt in that it does not full expose the sides (man + tank top; see mank).
ex 1 - I wore a mank top to the beach yesterday and got totally sunburned!
ex 2 - Sweet mank top bro. Where'd you get it? Urban?
#mank #man tank top #muscle shirt #mankable #jersey #wifebeater
by The Rayn Man May 30, 2013
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