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Pajamas, with full arm and leg sleeves, as worn by an adult male.
She was surprised when I exited the bathroom wearing my manjamas for bed.
by Master(er) November 08, 2007
7 9
When your adult male friend gets hammered and passes out fully clothed...for consecutive the same clothes.
Dude! You need to change out of those manjamas at some point. It's been 2 days, I don't think you can go out again like that.
by Been There 2 March 31, 2011
13 3
Pajamas wore by men. A phrase used to add a more manly tone to wearing pajama pants.
With the weather getting colder, I need to throw on my man-jamas.
by largefarva11 January 07, 2009
3 1
Manjamas have several meanings:

1. Cotton or flannel plad drawstring or elastic waistband pants that men wear to bed or when just chilling around the house. Usually they have an opening in the front with a single button or a drawstring.

2. If a man sleeps naked, this is sometimes referred to as wearing manjamas.

3. If you tell your young son to go put his pajamas on, to make him feel more like a big boy you might call them manjamas.
Billy Bob just got a new pair of camoflauge manjamas and manslippers from Bass Pro Shops.

Look honey, I'm wearing my manjamas.

Son, go put your manjamas on and then I'll read you a story.
by Greasepaint April 10, 2010
0 7