A gay yet totally heterosexual term for grabbing the crotch of the receiver as a welcome
ill mangrab you
by the-real-phil-not-a-fake August 24, 2008
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Refers to a vigorous squeeze to the male wrist, often prior to a manhug. Occasionally use between two males, Majid and Lucas!

Adding the word "man" before any word, technically makes it, NOT gay. A man can give a man-slap-on-the-ass, and it won't be gay.

Majid: Luke..
Lucas: Majid..
Majid: I love you man...
Lucas: Lets manhug
Majid: But i'll grab your wrist first when we shake hands
Lucas: Okay, Man Grab me!
Majid: this is in no way, homosexual.
*both manhug after grabbing eachothers wrists.*
Everyone: That's so not gay because he said man-hug.
by Dookay123 April 20, 2009

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