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To respond to a piece of good news with animated, speechless, exuberant excitement. Named after musician Mike Mangini, who was rather pleased to be selected as Dream Theater's new drummer.
"When Edna found out she was going to be a mother, she manginied so hard and for so long that she almost gave herself a hernia.
by bobcatterington May 21, 2011
Temporary, but potentially chronic, syndrome experienced by men. Symptoms include over sensitivity, irrational fear and general lameness.
Man 1 - Are you playing in the game tonight?

Man 2 - Not sure yet, I have this cut on my finger......

Man 1 - I dont think its the cut. I think you might have a touch of Manginis.

Man 2 - Why do you have to be like that? I told you I cut my finger and I dont want to risk making it worse.

Man 1 - Doe anyone have the M7 with Neosporen?
by CTJH May 05, 2011
When a professional rusty trombone player who works at an Italian restaurant cat calls someone who has a camel toe
"What a mangini he laid on her- man, she was just walkin to the beach!" "yeah but did you see the size of that camel toe?"
by frankenberrydouchebag August 08, 2008
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